What to Do If You Lost Your Health Insurance During COVID | San Diego Health

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The COVID pandemic has left many of us without jobs or health insurance. So, what are your options? Scripps Health Corporate Vice President of Payer Relations Shawn Forrester answers common questions about losing your health insurance during the COVID pandemic, discusses different coverage options and more. Learn more and download a free guide: https://www.scripps.org/7061yt

0:37 - What happens if you lose your job and your employer-provided health insurance during the COVID pandemic?
1:08 - What is COBRA and how does it work?
2:31 - Should I get on my spouse or domestic partner's health insurance?
2:55 - How do you apply for COBRA or Covered California?
5:10 - How does Covered California work? How do you apply for Covered California?
5:53 - If you want access to Scripps doctors, what health plans on Covered California should you look at?
6:30 - Can you apply for Covered California year round?
7:12 - If you're over 65 and you lost your job, can you apply for Medicare any time during the year?
8:10 - What is Medical?
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