Inside the Toxic Culture of Tess Holliday and 'Health At Every Size' | Politics, Lies... and Health?

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Tess Holliday has inspired millions of women with her 'Body Positive' message. Unfortunately, that isn't the only message she's spreading.

In this video we'll discuss how Tess Holliday became the gateway to Health At Every Size - and how this toxic culture of lies, politics and cherry-picked data is affecting the health and happiness of those who join.

I started off thinking that Health at Every Size (HAES) was a Health Movement - and left thinking it was entirely political. Mostly due to Lindo Bacon, the author of the Health at Every Size book, who is incredibly problematic.

In this video you will see that HAES is essentially just Fat Acceptance in disguise. We will look at the history of the HAES movement and how it has grown over time.

0:00 Intro
4:00 Tess Holliday
6:29 The Cosmo Cover
9:04 BOPO Definition of Health
14:24 Reality of Obesity
17:39 Influence of Tess
21:44 HAES
25:52 History of Health At Every Size
26:48 The "Fat Underground"
29:49 Toxic Culture
36:04 Lindo & "Science" of HAES
38:30 Obesity Paradox
41:50 "Clearly causes disease?"
46:00 Metabolically Healthy Obese
48:56 Lindo Bacon... Not the Greatest
51:08 Doublespeak
52:59 Conclusion

Here's a link to the Doublespeak video I mentioned by What I've Learned:

As well as some interesting references:
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