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Hi guys!

I’m back and I feel better than I’ve ever felt before! Sometimes a break is all you need to give yourself the space to heal and find your balance. How many of us had personal journeys dealing with emotions or challenges during 2020? There are so many things that I never imagined could happen, but here we are in November doing our very best stay positive and healthy.

If you’re like me then you’ve been thinking about what you’ve been putting into your body lately, they say that what you put into your body has the most effect on our health and ability to get into shape. How have you been feeding yourself through this pandemic? Have you made healthy habits or discovered new recipes? If you have please share them with me somehow and for those of you creating recipes I’ve shared on the channel please start tagging me or @sanneats! It makes me so so happy to see them when you guys share them on instagram.

Welcome to our third Wellness Month! The best part about this year is that I’m doing it alongside my friend, fellow wellness advocate, and fitness trainer Sami Clarke! We’re going to be sharing a full months worth of challenges and we’ll be taking you guys on every step of the journey on both of our channels.

It feels so good to be back! I can’t wait to respond to all of your comments, I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about the way’s I’m filming new videos, and more than all of that I am so curious to see how many new matcha drinkers there are here with us in the community! If you haven’t make sure to come visit us on instagram.com/nekohama for some updates on the best matcha I have ever had!

It’s time to focus on ourselves, our health, and start making decisions that are more aligned with living our best life... our healthiest life. Leave me a comment in the comments below and let’s get Wellness Month started right!


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